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About us

OscGuru is an offshoot of Savitrsoft, a Six-year-old company with a mission to enhance the business value of its customers. Savitrsoft from its inception in 1997 was an enthusiast of open source software. Savitrsoft knew that it could give immense value to its small and medium size business customers, with the help of open source software. The high costs of custom software development and the licensing and maintenance problems of other software were prohibitive for small and medium businesses to benefit from the software and Internet revolution. The open source software movement made it possible for them to benefit from the revolution that was changing the world around them.

We at Savitrsoft believe in investing in thought for the customer and software research is a dedicated and well-supported activity in our organization. Customizing Open Source software applications innovatively for wide adoption by customers has been the focus of our software research in the recent months. Savitrsoft also put in place pool of professionals experienced in offering Open Source Software based services as part of its offerings.

Oscommerce, one of the best open source shopping cart software available, made it possible for the small and medium business to bring their businesses online. Savitrsoft knew that Oscommerce shopping cart, probably the best shopping cart with comprehensive features, would benefit its customers. It has started offering oscommerce customization services to its clients spread across the world. With the response and feed back it has got from the customers Savitrsoft decided to create a division of open source software to cater to the needs of small and medium sized businesses.

PHPNuke another open source software helps in developing community portals with excellent features to serve the specific needs of a chosen community. This software can be successfully used to set up an online presence to promote the professional services of individual or a group of individuals, products or services of a small business or any other cause relevant to a particular geographical, religious or professional community.

Though not the mainstay business of Savitrsoft's, the enthusiasm for open source applications and the commitment to make the benefits of IT available to all made us create a separate open source division. Through this division we intend to cater to the needs of small and medium businesses with the help of open source software. We wish to serve the needs of those people who can not afford the high costs of other software solutions.

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Mr.Mark Mayes 12/19/2002
I can honestly say that in my
20 years as an IT consultant..
I have never come across a
more professional and
committed ...I would not
hesitate for one second to
recommend them to anybody.

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