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Project Initiation

You, the client, confirm your willingness to obtain one of our (Platinum, Gold or Silver) OScommerce customization services. Savitrsoft will send a document detailing the features, the underlying assumptions, milestones of delivery and payment terms for the project so that the client and Savitrsoft are on the same page on these issues. The customization process will begin once this document is approved. The approval and agreement on the above issues will constitute project initiation
Project Execution

The execution process will have the following milestones
Presentation of visual design and approval (If you are going in for custom design) Or Selection of Template Design for the site.
Presentation and approval of mock site without functionality (To establish navigation ease)
Solicitation of content for static pages
  Installation and demonstration
  Fine tuning of the site
Approach for simple Web site design and development
Step 1. First Information report document to elicit information in a structured manner from you to visualize a design and about your preferences for the design.

Step 2. Mock up design approval for home page and then for inside page.

Step 3. Evolving/Getting the site map from you, or using the existing site map of your current site.

Step 4. Construction of HTML pages as per the Site Map and approved design.

Step 5. Gathering Content from you or from the existing web site and incorporating the same into the site under development.

Step 6. Testing for all the links, navigation, monitor resolutions and IE & Netscape browsers.

Step 7. Upload on to your server/ launching the web site online for public viewing.

You will be able to monitor the site development online. We will provide you a link.

The deliverables are:
a) All the HTML pages in a Zipped file.
b) If you provide the FTP log in and Password, we will upload the same on your server.

The standards
The site will be designed for 800/600 resolution. It will work on all the higher resolutions. The site will not expand, but rather takes a left alignment or center alignment as the resolution of a monitor increases. Example of left alignment is MSN.com and central alignment is Yahoo.com
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Mr.Mark Mayes 12/19/2002
I can honestly say that in my
20 years as an IT consultant..
I have never come across a
more professional and
committed ...I would not
hesitate for one second to
recommend them to anybody.

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