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Frequently Asked Questions
1. What are the inputs needed from me the client?
  You have to give your approval for the features to be provided for the web site, the delivery mile stones and the payment terms.
You have to select the design template or approve the designs created for your web site. You will provide all the content/text for the static pages.
2. How do I monitor the progress of the project?
  We will provide a link to our staging server where will host your web site under development. You can monitor the progress with the help of this link. We will also send you the updates on the progress twice in a week.
3. Do you provide the hosting services?
  No. We do not provide hosting services. The client has to make arrangements for hosting the web site. The hosting environment should support the following.

Platform: Linux
Language: PHP V4.2.2 or above
Database: MySQL v3.23.49 or above
4. What should I do for online payment processing?
  You need to set up a merchant account with one of the payment gateway service providers (Paypal.com, Authorize.net, Worldpay.com etc.) . You need to give us the user details and other relevant information to integrate the payment gateway with your web site.
5. What are the deliverables?
  We will deliver the entire web site with the source code. If you give us the FTP information and other details we will set up the web site on your server
6. Do you provide free support?
  We provide two weeks of free support after the delivery of the web site. With our experience we know that any customer will get accustomed to the web site during these two weeks. The application is so easy to manage that they do not come back to us unless they need some updating for the web site.
We are always there to provide support after the free period at a reasonable and mutually agreed price.
7. Who uploads the products, their description and prices on the web site?
  You or your staff will be doing it. We will install the application on your server and create the necessary database to store the products and other relevant information. Using the admin panel you are the admin will upload the products and other relevant information.
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I can honestly say that in my
20 years as an IT consultant..
I have never come across a
more professional and
committed ...I would not
hesitate for one second to
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