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Other Open Source Customizations osCommerce customization / Design services

Savitrsoft currently offers following quick, low-cost and quality services:

Open Source Community portals - Customization of PHP-Nuke / Post-Nuke - Click here to view the exciting features of PHP Nuke
Open Source Search Engines - Customization of ASPSeek
Open Source Software Issue Trackers - Customization of Bugzilla / PHPbt

Benefits of open source software:

Cost savings typically range from 70% to 90% compared to a product developed from scratch, depending on the complexity of customization
Development reduced by over 60%
Software comes with rights to modify
Complete flexibility for meeting specific needs (not available with proprietary software)
Enhanced portability
Vendor neutrality
Availability of quick fixes and feature enhancements
Availability of large pool of talented developers at short notice
Current Status of most open source software development applications:
Result of collaborative effort of a group of people, often working on voluntary basis
Released on an “as-is” basis, without any guarantee on the quality of the software
Often addresses a particular domain’s functionality.
Often requires more than one open source software development application to be integrated and customized
No definitive source for obtaining the required technical support.
How Savitrsoft adds value to open source software development:
We analyze client requirements thoroughly to understand his business needs
We perform extensive research to identify the best open source application(s) that suit a client’s business needs
We analyze the open source software development application to understand the product and the underlying code thoroughly
We identify areas that need customization, and prepare a plan to integrate multiple open source software development applications
After customizing and integrating the applications, we subject the software to a thorough QA and testing cycle to rectify any inherent software defects
We create additional customer-oriented documentation to help the client use the software effectively
We provide services to migrate the existing application(s) and data, if any, to the new software
We provide technical support to the software delivered. Our standard terms and conditions include 4 weeks of FREE technical support.
We provide ongoing technical support, and can provide services to modify the functionality / add new features.
Continuing its efforts to serve the needs of customers who can not afford the high costs of custom software development Savitrsoft, apart from Oscommerce, identified many other open source software applications, which can benefit the customers.
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Mr.Mark Mayes 12/19/2002
I can honestly say that in my
20 years as an IT consultant..
I have never come across a
more professional and
committed ...I would not
hesitate for one second to
recommend them to anybody.

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