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1. www.ilux.com
  A lingerie ecommerce site with custom photographs (osCommerce)
2. www.srjewelers.com
  A shop which sells wedding rings (osCommerce) (Design +Integration +Customization)
3. www.backdropoutlet.com
  The site is exclusively devoted to selling backdrops to theaters and shows (osCommerce) (Design +Integration +Customization)
4. www.hyderabadcakes.com
  A clean and elegant gift shop for Hyderabad(osCommerce) (Design +Integration +Customization)
5. www.hatcountry.com
  A site which offers online coupons, discounts, special rates for select customers, news letters banner management, differential shipping and more(osCommerce) (Design +Integration +Customization)
6. www.excelwithhealth.com
  A nutrition site which sells alternative medicines(osCommerce) (Design +Integration +Customization)
7. www.killer-popup-pro.com
  Commerce functionality for downloadable software (osCommerce) (Design +Integration +Customization)
8. www.caribbeanunited.com/cushop/default.php
  Part of a larger community sites, this site sells items for a specific community. (osCommerce +phpNuke) (Design +Integration +Customization)
9. www.discussindia.com
  A great community site which integrates articles, polls, chat, events, search, registration, forums and much much more. Essentially an application which integrates phpBB, phpNuke and osCommerce(osCommerce +phpNuke) (Design +Integration +Customization)
10. www.hotlavasoftware.com
  A basic customization of osCommerce to include downloadable products and subscription products.(osCommerce) ( Design by client)
11 www.blanketholler.com
  An oscommerce site which sells blankets online (Design +Integration +Customization)
12. www.qualitygoldjewelry.com
  A designer jewelery site with modest customization of osCommerce features (Design +Integration +Customization)
13. www.mplso2.com
  An industrial products company customized using osCommerce (Design +Integration +Customization)
14. www.netphone2.com
  A calling card site
15. www.propelpower.com/
  An online prescription medicine site
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Mr.Mark Mayes 12/19/2002
I can honestly say that in my
20 years as an IT consultant..
I have never come across a
more professional and
committed ...I would not
hesitate for one second to
recommend them to anybody.

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