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Shopping cart Modules

Savitrsoft will customize all the features of osCommerce shopping cart application. We can also add additional features that you may need for your shopping cart. Following are some of features that Savitrsoft can provide for your shopping cart..

We can also customize the contributions available for the osCommerce shopping cart. Click here to know the exciting features that are possible from osCommerce contributions

Please contact us to build your online store with the following and Many Other Exciting features to make you online presence a great success.
Customer /Shopping cart features
Admin - Catalog Features
Special features
Admin - Promotion Features
Admin - Tax features
Admin -Inventory features
Admin - Shipping & Payment
Admin - Other features
Admin - Reports
Admin - Tools
Customer /Shopping cart features
Registration & Login
Creating and Managing Profile
Basic and advanced search Features
Addition to cart
Address book Management
Multiple shipping & payment options
Email on order
Email on shipping
Configuration of orders
Customizing of products
Order History
Order Tracking.
Admin - Catalog Features
Category and sub category with unlimited sub category creation
Manage product details: Product name, product code, product photo, description, pricing, URL, weight, manufacturer details
Control display of product listing ( i.e. display product name, but do not display product code et al)
Manage price independent attributes e.g. a red shirt costs as much as an yellow shirt, a blue adapter may cost as much as a pink one
Manage price dependent attributes e.g. a 50 gm pack may cost lower than a 100 gm pack
CSV uploads ( Instead of changing the pricing of one product in one go, change all the product details by uploading an excel sheet)
Special features
Custom discounts for special customers
Online coupons
Offline coupons
Custom ordering ( Based on the custom order the client requests a special product is created so that the customer can order for that product)
Gift on purchase
Quantity based discount
Value of goods purchased discount
Loyalty measures
Reminder services
Admin - Promotion Features
Configure Featured products
Configure Hot products
Configure price offs
Configure price offs
Display products expected
Cross sell ( Customers are prompted to buy related products, based on actual purchase of such products e.g. Customers are known to buy tooth brushes along with the purchase of tooth paste. The system records this information and whenever a customer buys a tooth paste, it prompts him to buy a tooth brush and vice versa)
Banner ad management
Product reviews by customers
Product ratings by customers
Customer can send product details to a friend
Bulk mailing to all registered users
Search engine friendly URLs
Admin - Tax features
Creation of tax zones
Creation of tax classes
Creation of tax rates
Allocation of tax to products
Display or hide tax while showing products
Admin -Inventory features
Product inventory management
Re order level configuration
Back orders
Display / Do not display product on stock out
Display next available date
Admin - Shipping & Payment
Integration with major online shipping providers
Minimum package weight
Package tare weight
Rule based shipping charges
Integration with major payment gateways
Currency display options
Order status management and updation
Mail to customer on order shipment
CODs, Mail order and online payment authentication
Admin - Other features
Sell downloadable products
Set filters on number of downloads
Download by re direct
Set expiry delay ( days)
Sell subscription products ( online news magazines)
Charge credit card based on subscription details and integration
Cancel subscription
Admin - Reports
Products viewed report
Products purchased
New orders
Fulfilled orders
Order fulfillment status
Admin - Tools
Easy and intuitive management with wizard driven templates for all administrator features
Change logo and template
Database back up
Cache control
Server info
Who is online
File manager
Send email
Send news letter
Contact Us
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